Rombonske jame, nova odkritja v Breznu Hudi Vršič

Med vikendom od 18. do 20. julija je na drugi strani Krnice potekala še ena kaninska, v brezno Hudi Vršič…. Več >>

Exhibition : Globine gora (Mountain Depths)

The main authors of the photographs, Uroš Kunaver and Matic Di Batista, with their assistants presented the cold, demanding and… Več >>

Planina Poljana – caving discoveries of 2019

During the COVID-19 isolation time our lectures moved to the web. You can watch the April lecture by Špela Borko,… Več >>

Glas podzemlja / Voice of the Underground 2020

A new issue of the DZRJL journal has been released in an online edition. In brings the views of the… Več >>

Wilhelm Putick award for 2019 presented

In 2019, after many years of exploration in the Mt. Rombon cave system, close to 1,800 m of new tunnels… Več >>

Lecture “Clean underground – a model for the protection of the karst underground”

Clean Underground is an initiative by cavers ( that has in five years changed the concept of karst protection in… Več >>