Predavanje “15 let podvodnega raziskovanja v Hercegovini”

V torek, 4. 6. 2019 smo ob 18.00 na Oddelku za Biologijo, Večna pot 111 pripravili predavanje z naslovom

15 let podvodnega raziskovanja v Hercegovini

Predaval je: Gergely Balasz

Kratek opis:

Swimming around in underwater caves is a fascinating activity especially if you have a good excuse to do it – therefore eventually you can call it scientific research. We have started our research activity in Eastern Herzegovina in 2004, trying to find caves where olm (Proteus anguinus) lives in the Trebisnjica River catchment area. It is only 10.000 square kilometres, but with endless number of caves. It is obviously impossible to know all of them … So we keep on trying.

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