DZRJL Essentials

Society Name
Ljubljana Cave Exploration Society, or DZRJL for short

Original society name, in Slovenian, is Društvo za raziskovanje jam Ljubljana, hence the abbreviation DZRJL. Besides the above name in English the following names are also used to represent DZRJL worldwide: Gesellschaft für Höhlehforschung in Ljubljana (German) and Association de Recherche Spéléologique de Ljubljana (French).

are taking place every Thursday from 20:00 to 22:00 in the premises of the society, in the air raid shelter near Majaronova street, Ljubljana, opposite the office of NLB bank, near the building at the address Luize Pesjakove 9.

DZRJL Address
Ljubljana Cave Exploration Society (DZRJL)
Luize Pesjakove 11
SI-1000 Ljubljana

E-mail address

+386 41 933 410

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